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I loved living in Paris for almost 8 years.

It is also in Paris that my series began. It is a creatively inexhaustible city.This town is a tsunami.(It's simple I feel like I stayed there for 4 years).

Time beats faster, things happen faster, everything goes faster in fact. That's why it feels like you're breathing again when you leave it.


They say that Paris is magical but in fact you know what : it's true.


If you are interested in a print, simply send the name of the photograph concerned to the address You will be given all the necessary information (availability, price, size, shipping, warranty, etc.)

Edouard is present at each of his prints, accompanied by a professional printer in a specialized laboratory. The printing is done on the highest quality art papers for an optimal rendering.

Edouard works in very small editions: in 1,3, 7 or 25 copies (information is available under each photograph). Each artwork comes with a numbered and signed authentication certificate.

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