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A pictorial approach
of photography

In a pictorial approach to photography, Edouard Mazaré assembles the elements at his disposal in real time to extract the graphic essence into a final image.


Each of his photographs is therefore made in a single long shot and without composing software using a technique that he has entirely developed. (more details in the "about" tab)


He exhibits his work all year round in his atelier located in Marsanne in the Drôme Provençale (South of France). 


Slow down time...

In this world where the image is omnipresent every second and on every network, Edouard enjoys slowing down time, feeling and obtaining rare, constructed and graphic images.

Each shot takes place in 2 phases :

- A first phase of understanding the place and the range of materials available to him at this precise moment.

- A second phase of work with the camera : after having imagined one or more possible images Edouard will spend a long time on site to compose with the different elements until obtaining the desired image.


... To compose

totally unique images

It should be remembered that this is a purely photographic approach and that each image is taken in situ at a given moment. The weather, the light conditions and the technique used therefore immortalize a rare, unique and technically impossible to reproduce shot.

Edouard's photographs do not freeze a split second :

it freeze a moment in its spatial and sensory whole.


Another important point of his approach: he uses this technique first of all for the unique effects it provides but also because it allows him total control of the photographic process. He is no longer simply the user of a sophisticated camera that allows a beautiful image, on the contrary he is totally involved in each one of his creations. ​

Toutes les actualités : 

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