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A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in 2007, it has now been more than 8 years since Edouard fully embarked on this fascinating artistic series.

In this pictorial approach to photography, Edouard assembles the elements at his disposal in real time to extract the graphic essence into a final image. Each of the photographs in his series is therefore made in a single long shot and without any composing software: the composition is made directly in situ via a technique that he has developed from A to Z. Here no triple exposure or overprinting, everything is done during the single shot, allowing a very particular photographic rendering.  


The goal for Edouard, also passionate about painting and drawing, is to go for the most pictorial photography possible. In this world where photography is everywhere at every second on every network, he enjoys slowing down time, feeling and obtaining rare, constructed and graphical images.  

Another important point of his approach: he uses this technique for the unique effects it provides but also because it allows him total control of the photographic process. He is no longer simply the user of a sophisticated camera that gives a beautiful render, on the contrary, he is totally involved in each one of his creations.

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Exhibitions & orders

- October 2023: obtaining the vermeil medal - Académie Arts-sciences-letters - Paris

- June 2022 to December 2022 production of art photos on 20 industrial sites of the PAPREC group

- July 2022: Perched Arts Festival

- April 2022: European Days of Crafts
- July 2021: Hotel de France - Marsanne
- May to July 2021: Tourist Office - Montélimar
- September 2020: Salon Regain - Palais Bondy - Lyon

- September 2021: Salon Regain - Palais Bondy - Lyon

- November 2019: FotoFever - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris 
- September 2019: Salon Regain - Palais Bondy - Lyon
- February 2019: Le Grand Palais - The French artists' fair - Mention of the jury - Paris
- November 2018: 10 pages interview - PHOTO magazine
- September 2018: International Contemporary Art Fair - Lyon - Halle Tony Garnier
- June 2018: solo show - Art&Emotion Gallery - Lausanne, Switzerland
- September 2016 - October 2018: international order for Moët Hennessy
- March 2017: 8 pages interview - Vivre Lyon magazine number 4
- January 2016: international contemporary art fair - Paris
- September October 2016: Regain lounge - Palais Bondy - Lyon
- September 2016: Docks Art Fair - Lyon
- May - September 2016: exhibition at the headquarters of PricewaterhouseCoopers - Neuilly
- June 2016: the meeting of artists - St Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or (public favorite prize)
- April 2016: international contemporary art fair ART3F - Lyon Eurexpo
- December 2015: exhibition at the Gutemberg residence "living motionless" - Lyon
- November 2015: exhibition the month of photography, Art'et Miss gallery - Paris, the Marais

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